Autumn Raspberry, Pear, and Ginger Tart

The New Vintage Kitchen

Lovely flavors of the season combine to make a memorable tart.

Autumn raspberries are sweeter than those in summer, or at least it seems that way. Perhaps I just think that because they are a treasure at that time of year, a summer throwback, a tease because it could snow any day!


This year’s autumn raspberries were especially bountiful and sweet, and the pears, delightful. They had to meet up in a special Sunday dessert! The tart is not too sweet, so the flavors of the fruits really shine. I’ve kept the peelings on the pears, they will become beautifully tender, but you can go ahead and peel them if you like.

You want the pears to be at the exact state of ripe where you would like to eat them, not over ripe, and not rock hard.

I have used local ginger here, but any plump ginger from your…

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