Million Dollar Spaghetti

What's for Dinner Moms?

This recipe has been all over Pinterest and Facebook for years. I have always resisted trying it or making a twist on it because it is so popular. I am an old-fashioned, easy, home cook. I am not about the popular. Although, I have wanted an Insta Pot to try but we are not quite there yet. My slow cooker and bread maker are good enough for now.

But, I finally broke down after spending almost a week inside looking at cooking videos, Pinterest, and cookbooks. Staying inside during cold winter days makes me want to make homemade bread and casseroles or stews every day! So, I am trying a no buy January – have to pay off those Christmas bills, and need to use what I have on hand. So, Million Dollar Spaghetti it is.

This is also a great dish if you need to have something ready to…

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