Pan de Yema – A Day of the Dead Bread from Oaxaca

My Slice of Mexico

In my previous post, I re-published a recipe from last year for a Day of the Dead bread, popular in Mexico City and in contemporary bakeries around the country, citing conflicting versions of how and when this bread was created. This year, I am making a bread from the Mexican state of Oaxaca, which is really baked all year round, but decorated in a very special way for the Day of the Dead (observed on November 2.)  All wheat-based bread in Mexico has a clear Spanish or French influence, and this particular one can be traced to Spanish recipes, which some families have been using in Oaxaca for several generationsPan de yema translates as “yolk bread”, an apt name since a batch contains several eggs and a few extra yolks, giving them their characteristic flaky texture and slightly yellow tone.

Yolk Bread – Pan de yema

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