The Tale of 2 Brittles (Nut, that is!)

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imageAfter my presentation at a recent women’s’ conference, a participant asked if I could help with a nut brittle recipe.  “I had a slightly spicy pine nut brittle in New Mexico and would like to make it but with regular nuts,” she said. 

Now I’ve made brittles on top of the stove and in the microwave, and since the lady didn’t specify, I’m sharing both. All I had to do on the stovetop version is add cayenne to a classic recipe. It cooked up darker than the microwave version. 

Even if you don’t make these now, save the recipes for the holidays. You’ll thank me!

If you use the microwave, note that the timing may be a bit different from what’s specified depending upon wattage. That’s why I’m giving you detailed instructions. 

Spicy (or not) Stovetop Nut Brittle

All I had on hand were peanuts. Any…

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