Made it Through Comps, and I’m Back in the Kitchen w/ Eggplant Parm Pasta

Grad School Girl Eats

If you haven’t been through a PhD program or don’t/didn’t have friends with whom you were friends while they went through a PhD program, you may not be familiar with the obnoxious ritual known as comps.

Comps=comprehensive exams.  For better or for worse, almost every field requires an exam or a portfolio at some point in the first few years of graduate school to assess a potential PhD candidate’s general knowledge of the field.  They may be called comps, or quals/qualifying exams.  They may be administered at the university, or given as a take home exam.  They may require several hours, or several hours over a few days, or even weeks to complete.  But they are, universally, one of the most hated milestones of graduate school.

All of that is to say that my comprehensive exams were this month, and as a result, I haven’t been posting on the blog. …

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