Fall Haul (Part 2)

Fork In The Road

A quick recipe and some changes to the plan I wrote for the week. I made some black bean bars but I was trying a new variation so I only used a half can of black beans (less waste if I decide I hate the recipe). So instead I added the other half of the can to my lunch salads for the start of the week. Again, I love how I can change plans on the fly with my ingredient-based meal planning. Here is what my lunch salad for tomorrow looks like now:lunch2

(sorry for the blurriness). It is still a chopped salad, but I added black beans with the roasted veg, and instead of the sweet toppings (raisins, etc) I switched it up for savoury dried edamame and grains. The dressing will be poured on at lunch. I prepped the salad for the day after a little differently- I…

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