Vegan Meatloaf with Beyond Beef: Plant-Based Comfort Food

I hope it seems surprising that I am posting a recipe using grocery store Beyond Beef product for the recipe. But I am.

It looked quite delicious and I was hoping that maybe it was a homemade creation mixing breadcrumbs, mashed beans, plant and nut flours, chopped vegetable garnishes, herbs, vegan saturation and gravy.

(My meatloaves of any kind never turn out (and I know this incorrigibly) because I insist on adding margarine — vegan ghee is fine with me, except I never have it — to breadcrumbs and what is obviously ground meat for me; I haven’t approved vegan meat for usage under my thumb at this time. Every one always thinks it’s interesting food though, because, depending on the remainder of the content, it is a fried lump of meat and bread. I just can’t understand baked food without some kind of saturable infusion. I know that I’m wrong, but since I’m a rather unaccomplished cook in the fix of the draw, I suppose I don’t work hard to correct myself anyway. So please remember, possibly to remove the saturables from your meatloaf if you make your own vegetable-bread loaf … which, I think you could probably do if you could get the saturation point worked out from bake-fry. But how? I don’t know. This is the circular point of my self-involved logic, but now, moving on to vegan meat.)

As I’ve said in posts over a month ago, I’m rather disappointed in the vegan meat revolution. I think it’s a possible health threat overall because it is poorly though, a lot of misplanned and mistargeted and crazy-ish advertising, obviously meant to make some quick money off a health craze. And I’m upset about what might have been a good thing, turning into a new bad thing.

But I read this recipe because it looked delicious and I was upset with my decision to obstruct other people on my own limitations. I really don’t know where I stand. I still think vegan meat might be a health threat right now. I’m hoping to change my mind.

Since I’ve been examining my conscience way too much about how I feel about my interests in other vegan recipes and food, which is separated from a desire to become an immersed vegan and to adopt what I feel is not a lifestyle for me, I keep living in stress over the issues of the vegan fetish craze as I call it, immersing itself all over the meat-eating world with emphasis on an expulsion on meat-eating. I don’t like the message.

As for myself, overall vegan lifestyle demands are too tedious and concerned with things I don’t agree to be concerned with and especially the hatred for meat consumption being so outrageously in demand of the philosophy; I find the movement dangerously cult-like. I’m seem to be running on. But my conscience issues are over my own problems with also detesting a straight cult experience of all meat-eating. I seem to be caught in some mediumship that I don’t appreciate the tasks for.

I have randomly included this recipe, because my real problem was with the vegan meat explosion infesting fast foods venues without discretion of the tagging of the restaurant for meat-based or vegan-based. I think I mentioned I intended to boycott several things happening for me regularly — like fast food and this blog — for however long it took me to explore the situation and get some clarity. I did that in shorter time than possible and have returned to my order situation. (I’ve been able to return to McDonald’s.) I was so happy and grateful to have and end to that, although I’m still hoping that I might turn out to be something beside a Vegan-Wanna-Be or else a Meat-Lover, I don’t seem to be getting in tune with either group for too long now, or else an Omnivore, or else that I would quit being identified at all, for need of social tagging. That problem still hasn’t been solved.

So I know it seems extremely out of context for me. But, I have done it.

Looks good.


Vegan Meatloaf with Beyond Beef: Plant-Based Comfort Food