Punterelle Salad

Frascati Cooking That's Amore

I am reposting a lot of stuff I wrote about long ago …  but it’s all seasonal and if you like to eat Roman food, I am sure you will appreciate this very ‘Roman’ salad !


Little points, big salad – Puntarelle

When my two children were little, I would sometimes utter my love for them with the following exclamations.  “You are my favourite daughter!” and “You are my favourite son!”  I think it’s important to be a favourite with someone … and there was no rivalry, obviously, between them because of course there was a difference in gender.  It wasn’t until they were a little older, say seven or eight years old, that they questioned me about this with raised eyebrow and a look of “aha! gotcha!”.

“It’s easy enough to say C. is your favourite daughter and that N…

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