Cookie Butter Cake | Liv for Cake

So I’m not sure if that means it’s Peter Griffin’s birthday, Chris Griffin’s birthday, or maybe even Stewie Griffin’s birthday. It might even be Lois’ birthday, or Meg’s! It could be anybody’s birthday. So the day needs a few different cakes.


Cookie Butter Cake | Liv for Cake

Apple Pie Caramel Cheesecake (video) – Tatyanas Everyday Food

It may or may not be Peter Griffin’s Birthday today. (Family Guy; it’s Seth McFarlane’s Birthday today and I couldn’t find a Family Guy cake.) I love Family Guy and since I found that on my google news this morning, I thought it was karma and looked for a Family Guy cake. Not finding one, there isn’t really anything else you can do but put a Family Guy logo on a cake, I searched Family Guy cake recipe a second time and picked a cake out of cake recipes that I liked to serve Peter Griffin. I hope he likes it. But that’s as far as this goes. There won’t be more Family Guy news on this blog. Probably.


Apple Pie Caramel Cheesecake (video) – Tatyanas Everyday Food