Sun-dried Tomato Chicken One-Pan Wonder

Jana Cooks

It’s a common misconception that you need a whole lot of stuff to make something utterly scrumptious. All you really need is imagination and a few basic ingredients whose flavours you can combine to turn a dish into something wonderful.

Last night marked the return of my favourite kind of dish; the one-pan wonder. This time I was in the mood for a dark red, juicy, tangy zing to my chicken, and what better way to get just that than adding sun-dried tomatoes.

I even took it a step further and used a sun-dried tomato cook-in sauce to amp up the flavour. What a brilliant dish it turned out to be. So easy, so more-ish and so-so filling.

Who’s hungry? Vincent, our housemate and I. But this recipe will fill 4 bellies.


  • 800 g chicken pieces (4 thighs and 4 drumsticks)
  • 800 g pumpkin cubes
  • 400 g green beans

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