Spaghettoni al Pomodoro

Polenta & Baccalá


Today 5th of December I prepared one of the best “spaghettoni al pomodoro” I ever did…how is this possible, almost in winter? 😀 The answer is simple: with amazing products, like these “pomodorini del piennolo del Vesuvio” (or other similar great artisanal products), simply picked up when perfectly ripe, squeezed with hands and carefully put in a jar 🙂 no salt, no other flavors, no preservatives (of course!), just perfect wonderful tomatoes 🙂 there is any other “fresh” tomato now that can come close to these, no way, that’s why I never buy tomatoes in winter (of course if I would use the same tomatoes in August I would obtain the very best, but I don’t live in Naples or Sicily 😀 but with such a well made product I think the difference is really not big at all. I have tomatoes in the garden here, they are good, but because…

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