Sardinian gnocchi with ricotta and walnuts – Pasta

Sardinian Gnocchi, also known as Little Sardinian Gnocchi, are also known as, Malloreddus, by the name of their make as a pasta shape when you are looking to purchase them. There are different ways of making them at home — I mean the look is different. The most popular is as spirals.

I suggest also that if the Malloreddus shaped pasta is difficult to get, the larger Orecchetti (orecchette) or else, the very large (and stuffed) Orecchioni (sometimes called “mumps”), would also make an excellent pasta for this dish.

In any case, whatever, I have included some recipe above this for the malloreddus and the orecchhioni and the orecchetti.

(I was home sick for Sardinia. Not really, I’m actually from all over Italy, but also, I like not to omit our small islands and that they are culturally and historically important.)


Sardinian gnocchi with ricotta and walnuts – Pasta