Roast beef with herb sauce – Meat

One of my earliest kitchen culture memories of the United States and that I was living here and not in Italy although my home seemed like I was living in the place that was the City of Rome for some reason — to me alone I think this may have been my impression — I remember it did take me a while trying to understand the United States wasn’t the country of Italy and everyone thought that was funny to learn. Now I also think it is funny and it’s making me laugh again, but as a child, I couldn’t understand how places were separated for whatever purpose it served. The land was great and large and the Italian nation was obviously a bilingual or historic choice! I believed that Italians were calling the nation the United States for the government (and also, since the Italian government is half run by antiquities and patronages), that the rest of the nation was in its historical hideaway somewhere. You know? I mean that everyone living in North America was Italian and that this is Italy and that Italy — I knew we lived overseas, was just a satellite of itself. I have always wondered if other Italians that are spirited at birth to this foreign place and kept in the best ancient traditions all the same have wondered the same. But I have never found out.

The way I began to have to accept the truth of the place, because I didn’t believe anyone who told me otherwise for many years, was by the difference in the make of some typical dishes. So I believed that a regular staple of everyone’s diet was roast beef. It took me about 10 years to figure out whatever everyone’s mistake to me was about — including my own family for misunderstanding me. There’s roast beef that you get at the deli, there’s pot roast that you make at home from the raw pot roast meat you get ready to go at the butcher shop in the grocery and then there’s just sliced roast beef that you make at home. No one knows this and even at home they don’t seem to understand that roast beef is something different. What IS everyone’s problem?

But roast beef at home is a dinner staple in Italy and I understand it passes by to nothing ever made in North America. So I found this here today as the example of examples and decided to post it. Someone will say it’s some kind of pot roast. Of course there’s pot roast — that you can make a million different ways and different by culture as well. This is roast beef!

Well I am going to go back to being an anonymous Italian now. I wish I had had a better story to tell about roast beef home made. But I don’t.


Roast beef with herb sauce – Meat