Ribollita Toscana*

Polenta & Baccalá


As I probably already said, I love to eat soups for dinner, and this is definitely great 🙂 it’s thicker than a normal minestrone (someone say that you should be able to eat it even in a flat dish), because of the bread and because of the beans purée, but it’s very tasty especially one day later (which is when it really deserves its name) and it’s a very healthy recipe, rich of nutrients, because a lot of fresh seasonal vegetables are used. It’s one of the countless vegan/vegetarian recipes of the regional Italian cuisine, recipes that people are eating since always without the need of any label, they are simply considered normal “very good recipes” of the everyday life 🙂

It’s a famous traditional recipe from Tuscany region, and its name means “re-boiled” (ri-bollita in Italian), because it was made in big amount and reboiled in the…

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