Hearty Beef Stew

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When it starts to get cooler, it’s really hard to beat a good stew. And, beef stew is one of our favorites. It’s warm, filling and feeds a lot – what’s not to love about it?! OH, and it is super easy to make!

I started by chopping my vegetables. Since it was going in a stew, I just rough chopped everything.

The cooking started with, as so many things that I love do, a little bit of olive oil, the onions I chopped and garlic. I cooked the onions and garlic until they started to get soft.

Then I added in the stew meat and browned it – adding in the seasonings, when it started to get browned.

Finally, I added in 4 cups – or one carton – of beef stock, the can of crushed tomatoes and the vegetables.

I let it come to a boil and then…

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CLAMS in Delicious-Spicy Onion Sauce

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Seafood are the best source of protein food available because of its flavour and texture, appropriate cooking method makes seafood safe for human consumption and significantly enhances its taste.

This recipe lays emphasis on the cooking method of clams, and on the delicious sauce clams are blended with …

Seafood: CLAMS
Seafood: CLAMS

Open Clam Shells with Meat
Opened Clams with Meat

Ingredients for Spicy Onion Paste - Recipe in MASALAHEALTH.COM
Ingredients for Spicy Onion Paste – Recipe in MASALAHEALTH.COM

Spicy Onion Sauce - Recipe in MASALAHEALTH.COM
Spicy Onion Sauce – Recipe in MASALAHEALTH.COM

Tomato Puree - Recipe in MASALAHEALTH.COM
Tomato Puree- Recipe in MASALAHEALTH.COM

🍴Fill the utensil full of clams with water, add a dash of salt to it, warm the water full of clams to a reasonable degree. Open up the clam shell using a knife.
🍴Onion sauce: Grind slices of 3 medium onions, 3 garlic cloves and tiny pieces of a small portion of ginger root, into thick paste using adequate quantity of water.
🍴Tomato puree: Grind 2 big tomatoes into puree
🍽In adequate, equal, warm…

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