Jalapeno Popper Deviled Eggs with Candied Bacon

Leels Cooks


I really wanted to get together a few easy potluck style recipes because we’ll all be going to however many holiday parties and it’s nice to bring something somewhat unique.

Deviled eggs are awesome, so are jalapeno poppers and bacon, you get the picture. These are lightly spicy, creamy and balanced. The addition of a candied bacon topper adds a sweet crunch as well as a fancy garnish.

If you are worried about cracking eggs while cooking or have trouble peeling them there’s a bit of a trick. Before cooking, with the end of a pin, gently poke ONE hole into the bottom of the egg. This lets the air escape (and some water in) without the white coming out. This can prevent them cracking from the temperature change and makes them a bit easier to peel later on!

Ok. Egg time.


What you need

Egg mixture:

  • 12 large…

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