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I decided to have a big meat day. I haven’t mentioned yet to my blog (where I also mentioned before that I had banned myself from McDonald’s because of the soon to be Beyond Meat burger there), that I had a recall on my situation and I will be able to safely eat at McDonald’s soon enough, after all my checks happen to be true — that is that contact with Beyond Meat isn’t going to be a bad experience for me. It seems that it will be a pass through experience, so I will be able to continue (with my family) to eat there.

So since this is recent news and because I haven’t had a big meat day in a while on my blog and because I had a lot of meat recipes to post, I have decided to post a big meat day.

Just a warning. (Today, for archive future reference is October 17, 2019.)

More on this in the post just above today.


How to Cook Chuck Steak   | MyRecipes