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I wanted to share a couple of meals that worked well recently. One was a mushroom-tofu stroganoff, which was good, and the other was a strange layered rice-and-spinach casserole, which was better. I made the stroganoff for hubby and me and the casserole for a potluck.

The stroganoff came about because I had seen a recipe for a vegan mushroom stroganoff, which I thought sounded good, but needed protein, and we had tofu in the fridge, so I hunted for a good recipe to put it in, and found this one. This recipe is minus animal products* and minus troublesome fiber (and probably minus high smartpoints, but I don’t count those anymore). Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture of the ingredients (I started the tofu pressing while I went to yoga, and hubby chopped everything and roasted the tofu before I got home).

Tofu-Mushroom Stroganoff

14-16 oz. extra firm…

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