30 Super Easy Side Dishes That Can Be Ready in 15 Minutes (or Less!) | Taste of Home


30 Super Easy Side Dishes That Can Be Ready in 15 Minutes (or Less!) | Taste of Home


Grilled Ham and Swiss on Sour Dough Bread w/ Baked Fries

My Meals are on Wheels

Today’s Menu; Grilled Ham and Swiss on Sour Dough Bread w/ Baked Fries

For Breakfast this morning I prepared some Simply Potatoes Hash Browns along with 2 Johnsonville Fresh Turkey Breakfast Sausage Links. Also had my morning cup of Bigelow Decaf Green Tea. Sort of cool out this morning, 40 degrees. Had a high of 80 degrees and partly cloudy. Did some yard work today. Raked leaves again. Took a ride on the cart. For Dinner tonight one of my favorite Sandwiches. I prepared a Grilled Ham and Swiss on Sour Dough Bread w/ Baked Fries.

I picked up a loaf the Goldminer California Sourdough Bread while at Meijer yesterday for my Grilled Ham and Swiss. I love this Bread especially grilled! But don’t have too often because of the calories and carbs. To prepare the Sandwich I’ll need; Boar’s Head Sweet Slice Ham, Sargento Reduced Fat Swiss Cheese, French’s…

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Veggie Cheddar Egg Bake

Productive Midlife Crisis

Great for a crowd, or use as your breakfast for every day of the week! Makes 12 servings, at zero points per serving.


1 medium onion, diced

1 bell pepper, diced

1/2 medium zucchini, diced

1 cup frozen chopped spinach

4 oz. (1/2 small container) mushrooms, diced

1 cup Kraft Fat Free Cheddar Cheese

1 Tbsp Fines Herbes – a mixture of chervil, parsley, chives and tarragon, which you may use separately

Salt to taste


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

2. Saute onion and bell pepper in a large nonstick pan sprayed with cooking spray until soft. I add a pinch of kosher salt each time I make a new addition, as each layer should be seasoned.

3. Add zucchini and frozen spinach. Cook until spinach is cooked through.

4. Add mushrooms, and saute until mushrooms have lost their moisture.

5. Add seasoning, including salt to taste. Set…

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Simple Applesauce Cake with Caramel Frosting

Today I will be posting a long stack of recipes I’ve hung onto for a few weeks actually, only because I wanted to post them through the weeks & despite that I kept daily posts rolling, I just couldn’t poll them all together. So I decided to wait to a general cut off point, review my list again & post them all through on an any odd day like today that I could & maybe take a few days off. So, even tho I’m usually posting some long list on a day, of recipes, I think today’s list might be longer!

Today, for future reference in archives is October 12, 2019.

What's for Dinner Moms?

First off this is a horrible picture of a delicious cake. All the pictures I took of this cake were weird. I don’t know if my phone didn’t like all the brown colors or what but they were all blurry or weird colored. Anyway, if you can get past that this is a delicious cake and frosting. It is SUPER rich and you can only eat a small piece.

I have been making this cake for close to 25 years now. My kids think the frosting is amazing it has a rich buttery caramel taste that also goes well with spice cakes, chocolate cakes and even white cakes. So if you don’t want to make the cake (which is unbelievably easy) at least try the frosting on a boxed cake to make it special.

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