What’s On Your Pork Bucket List?

Pork Bucket List See the recipe below for making great pork meatballs for a sandwich or for pasta. It’s all part of the #PorkBucketList promotion from the National Pork Board.

Like many of you (if not every single one of you), I’m always looking for meal ideas that will please everyone in the family. I’m also always looking for ways to expand my children’s culinary horizons. Recently, I found a great source of help with that effort. The National Pork Board has created a beautiful and useful website and associated program called the Pork Bucket List. The idea is to encourage all pork lovers out there to tell the world the items they’d cross off their #PorkBucketList to inspire people to buy and eat pork. Examples include giving someone a bacon rose, eating pig ears from a street vendor in Vietnam, or, like me, learning how to prepare pork belly from a…

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