French Apple Cake

The New Vintage Kitchen

The apple is the star of this dish, or rather, the “apples” of different varieties!

I’ve made apple cakes for years, and they are always a hit. When we head out to the orchard to pick, I know there will be a special dessert sometime in the near future, most likely served after Sunday dinner. Often I make an apple upside cake, it’s fun, but does take a little time, but I love to make it when I feel like fussing in the kitchen with the music turned up and the kitchen to myself. Sometimes we want something quicker.

When we lived in the mountains in our log cabin, my kitchen was equipped with a fabulous wood stove. How I loved to stoke that baby up in the fall and winter and play. Its cast-iron design using radiant heat created the best baked goods from bread to cakes, but you…

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