Side Ribs

The Pit

Ribs can be a tricky one. Ribs are one of the few meats where you do not use the thermometer, so theres nothing telling you when the meat is ready to be pulled off. Just make sure to keep it low and slow, and you should be eating mouth watering ribs in no time!

First, we’ll set our Traeger Smoker to 225 degrees. once it hits 225, i like to switch to the smoke setting for 5 minutes to get an extra burst of smoke for when i toss the ribs on. Once the temp starts to dip below 220, I set it back to 225.

Take your ribs, and apply a line of mustard across the middle of the ribs. Follow by rubbing the mustard across the ribs, so a thin layer is coating the meat. this will help the dry rub bind to the meat. Once again, I’m…

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