Healthy Dark Chocolate and Walnut Brownies

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These brownies are a healthy twist to the regular ones. They are low in sugar and carb.

This recipe uses healthy alternatives to butter, sugar and flour.

They are moist, chewy and fudgy. As I already mentioned this recipe does not require any flour, instead we use black beans. I promise you; you will not notice the beans. You do not get any taste of black beans once everything is mixed through, it just has the taste of the dark chocolate.

You can also use canned kidney beans instead of the black beans, but it might just lighten the end product and may not appear as dark. Whichever beans you use, just remember to drain and rinse them prior to use.

The almond butter is a beautiful substitute to regular butter and adds amazing flavour. The honey serves as a healthy alternative to sugar.

I used a combination of 90%…

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