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Look What's Cookin'

Slow Cooker Pot Roast. Image borrowed from

So, lately I’ve become obsessed with my slow cooker (a.k.a. a CrockPot, whatever you prefer). Is it weird to love an appliance so passionately?? I mean, I had always loved throwing together a few ingredients, turning a switch, and hours later coming home to a deliciously perfect magic bowl of yumminess. However, after my little man was born, the ease and effortless magic of the CrockPot has revealed it’s tangible value to me even more so. Lack of sleep and lack of free time throughout the day contributed to my desire to be able to create meals from pantry staples, a hearty chunk of meat I could pull out of the freezer, and, best of all, minimal effort. Also, slow cooker meals are PERFECT for doubling, creating loads of leftovers that can be reheated in a snap. And that still taste, you…

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