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It’s with great pleasure that I get to make some serving and consumption advice about desserts at the after dinner table — hopefully this isn’t going to be tiramisu for lunch, because the advice is double fold. Although it’s considered a light dessert, this is in comparison to the general list of grand tortes that might fit the banquet 3 to 5 course dinner — and I mean this of course in the sense of everyone who will entertain in multiple course dinners at some time — and not just to seem obsequiously French, which I’m not — I’m usually out and about shopping and not even pretending to be French.

Besides all this introduction, and particularly concerning this Charlotte — you (should I say ‘one’?) might want to take caution that tortes generally and cakes of high merit like tiramisu, however interesting at the bon appetit released restaurant buffet spread, is actually a banquet table dessert and is best served at the close (this is why it’s light) of a heavy meal.

In very short, if you’re eating light and especially if your not starving on the particular day of feasting, but have been excessively “good” — this Charlotte will ruin your day. So might the other tiramisus. Please save it for a large meal gathering or a large meal night.

I just couldn’t stand not posting it and I just couldn’t stand thinking I was leading dieters down one of the most typical mistakes of their lives.

Chocolate Tiramisu Charlotte

Our 25 Best Tiramisu Recipes – MyRecipes