mini eggplant pizzas

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So it’s Tuesday and there’s nothing really notable about this day. Sure, it signifies the end of Monday but, there’s not even a cute Tuesday wine reference like Thirsty Thursday or Wine Wednesday, or a memory hashtag like #TBT or #WBW. Tuesdays are the new Wednesday of the week: a forgotten hangnail of a day that you just have to deal with (if anyone knows of a Tuesday reference I’m forgetting, please comment below).

So, I look back on old recipes and wonder if revisiting them will spruce up an otherwise very dull day.

Pizza is very important in my home; my mother got me the Breville Pizza Maker one year for my birthday and Joe immediately coveted it, engorged with pizza making knowledge from years of having to make them at one of his first jobs. It’s about as serious as when I make pasta; the noodles have to…

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