McDonald’s New Beyond Meat Plant-Based Patty | Food & Wine

I have seen the end of McDonalds in my lifetime. I wish I was rich so I could commission a modern art sculpture for meatless meat to exhibit everywhere where modern art is trafficked!

I have loved fast food, and particularly Burger King & McDonald’s, all my life, goodbye to both. This new vegan meat is disgusting. I guess the old vegan patties got boring.

Anyway, this is too big of a strike on my lifestyle & a blow. I will be on a short hiatus from my blog.

Then I will return. Happy everything until then to my faithful.

I just don’t know what things will be like without the two moguls of my life. Oh well. To love the finite universe & get stung by lacking virtue. Sure let a poetic thought heal my rage. Well forget it. I’m going to let it fester & blister until it kills itself and I can forget about them.