Scrumptious Stuffed Omelette

The Faithfood Blog

This easy to make fluffy and filling omelette is great for breakfast or brunch.

This recipe is ideal if you want to cut down on carbs as it is quite filling on its own and you can skip on eating bread along with it.

I made this after church on Sunday for brunch and my son ‘inhaled’ his meal with a glass of milk. I had mine at a more sedate and civilised pace with a lovely cup of tea.

Filled with red onions, green peppers and any left-over meat or sausages adds amazing flavour to this dish.

You can vary the taste by using different meats of your choice. The combination of the red onion and green peppers seasoned with some garlic and smoked paprika gives a beautiful flavour.

Adding some almond meal to the whisked eggs gives the omelette some body and holds the stuffing a bit better.

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