Skirt Steak with Teriyaki Mushrooms

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skirt steak

I know I did a skirt steak not long ago but as I said in that post it is a great cut of meat. This is my go to recipe for a marinade with skirt steak.  This marinade has gone through several changes over the years but this is the version I have stuck with the longest. First thing first remove the steak from the packaging and make sure it is unfolded. I say this because if I get the skirt steak from the grocery store in the vacuum pack it is folded under to take up less space in the display case. Make sure it is unfolded so you can season all of the surface area of the beef. Pat it dry with paper towel and place in the bottom of a large zip top freezer bag. Into the bag add 1 teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon fresh ground pepper…

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