Coffee Sponge Cake with Coffee Icing and Chocolate Glaze

Tasty Eats

The following tasty cake is yet another variation of my all time favorite sponge cake recipe (postedHERE). In this version, I substituted the orange juice with coffee, enhanced the coffee flavor by pouring coffee syrup over the baked cake, (leaving a bit aside for serving), and topped the cake with coffee icing and chocolate glaze. All this created layers of flavors that will please anyone who loves coffee and chocolate.
Once again, as I’ve done in THIS version, I decided to bake the cake in a Bundt cake pan, rather than in two pans, as in the original recipe, so again had a bit of leftover batter. This time I baked it separately in a loaf pan and used it as a base for a quick Tiramisu inspired dessert. The large cake came out light and aromatic, and the rich and smooth toppings added lots of flavor and…

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