Avocado Veggie Salad

When you have abundance of avocados, it gets difficult to come up with different quick meal ideas everyday. This flavorful avocado veggie salad is simple, colorful and healthy too! This is my favorite go to salad to eat on weekly basis. It is very versatile and pairs well with lots of things. You can eat this by it self or top it off on grilled garlic infused crusty bread or have it as a side with indian appetizer like papad or with main course. The salad has crunchy blend of veggies with buttery and luscious avocado drizzles with garlic lime dressing. Trust me, once you eat it, I guarantee you will be making it second time very soon!

Tips –

The salad tastes better about a few hours after it rests, so it is perfect for parties or meal preps. I like to add the avocado at the end prior…

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