Top 5 Recipes for August 2019

What's for Dinner Moms?

I can tell everyone is looking to fall foods by the top recipes from my blog. Paula Deen’s Bobby’s Goulash (click for link to original recipe) was the number one post for my blog during August. Potatoes, casseroles, and fall flavors were the top of the list.

Spare Rib Casserole (click for link to original recipe) was made from the leftovers of a  barbecue meal. It is a delicious way to use up those leftovers and have a second meal that is a bit different!

This Tuscan Chicken (click for link to recipe) was the third most popular post on What’s for Dinner Moms? despite being posted in the last week of the month. It is super easy to make and looks and tastes like a restaurant quality meal!

Classic Hellman’s Macaroni Salad (click for link to recipe) was a close fourth place this month. I know we have been…

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