Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Soup with Crispy Spiced Roti Toasts


This is my favourite soup and have been cooking it for a long time. It’s so simple to make that I don’t need even to measure, just throw the veggies in a pot and cook. But now I am sharing my soup recipe. Make a big batch and you can freeze it too. This soup is perfect for lunch or dinner. It’s full of flavour and so comforting. It’s so quick and easy to make too, just add your chopped vegetables and water in the pot and cook until tender. Then blend until smooth using a stick blender if you have one. The perfect one pot soup.

A warm tasty bowl of this soup served with a slice of crusty bread will make you happy and sated. But this is how I take this simple soup up a notch. I love pairing this soup with my homemade crispy spiced roti…

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