Twisted Cherry Chocolate Bread


Twisted Cherry Chocolate Bread 6

Last year was a berries year for us, spring is here and we still have a lot of cherries in the freezer.

I took I package out of the freezer and placed it over a colander in the kitchen to defrost. During this time I made my search for a new recipe, something completely new to use these delicious fruits.

Finally I find the solution I needed, not a recipe from the internet or from the books, since a combination of many ideas.

  • The dough from an apple bread
  • Adding cacao powder and more sugar to the recipe
  • Making the dough dairy free: oil instead of butter
  • Using the liquid of the cherries instead of milk for the dough (no waste, diary free)
  • New kind of filling: I love the combination of cherries and cinnamon¨
  • Glazing the bread with a clear glaze first to make it shine
  • Creating a new…

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