Puff Pancake with Honey-Apple Filling


Puff Pancake with Honey-Apple Filling 6

A long time ago I saw for the first time a picture of puffed pancakes. I can’t remember for how I long I saved the recipe before trying it, but finally today I did it.

The recipe is very simple and the recipe not too heavy. In this version I described how to prepare in the pancake in the oven, but you are free to prepare this in the skillet; in this case you will need a second skillet for the filling.

The filling is a combination of the ingredients from the garden and the honey of our bees, but you can follow the pancake recipe and fill it as you like it: with caramelized pears, peaches or other fruits or simply with fresh berries and whipped cream.

If you have smaller molds you can try to prepare smaller single pancakes. I can imagine that a vol-au-vents filling would fit…

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