Pasta for breakfast is good for your health – SheKnows

This morning early I found a Wall Street Journal article from the food and features section which gave a recipe for Breakfast Lasagna. I was disappointed that I couldn’t get it to reprint it without a Wall Street Journal digital subscription. (Am I slamming online news magazines that advertise good articles that might help people find things they want to know on the internet and find their ways with searching topics? Yes, a little bit. While everyone else gives away free articles, newspapers, can never find it in their hearts to choose what articles they are going to send to google search for finding and to allow for free read-throughs of the entire articles. That’s a little deceitful and openly self-seeking and my respect for some newspapers is dwindled on that account. Anyway…. but that’s not just the WSJ.)

So I searched for Breakfast Lasagna on my own and put up five posts earlier today. In the meanwhile, I didn’t have a story for Breakfast Lasagna (because of newspaper policies) and I found this article which everyone CAN read, which explains that breakfast pasta might be healthy, period.

I thought it was a nice thought.


Pasta for breakfast is good for your health – SheKnows