Chicken Vol-Au-Vent with Mushrooms


Chicken Vol Au Vent with Mushrooms

This very versatile recipe is one of the favorites of my children. Feel free to adapt it to your ingredients.

To the filling you can add some vegetables (not only the mushrooms!) like carrots, peas or broccoli. An alternative to vol-au-vent cases are fillo baskets. Instructions: Cut fillo sheets into quarters and layer diagonally in greased ramekins, spraying or brushig with olive oil in between layers – 4 squares for each ramekin dish if the sheets are very thin (like fillo for baklava) or 2 squares if they are thicker (like fillo for boureki). Spray or brush again before cooking at 250°F/180°C for in the oven for more or less 8-10 minutes.

Note: For a vegetarian version skip the chicken and simply use more veggies. For example the double quantity of mushrooms. Chanterelle mushrooms are wonderful for this recipe.

You need

  • 8 (200 g) vol-au-vent cases
  • 1 tablespoon margarine
  • 1…

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