Muffuletta Salad

New Orleans is such a great example of the “melting pot” that America became hundreds of years ago. That melting pot can really be found in the cuisine that has stood the test of time from the city.

You’ve got cajun food, that’s an Americanized version of French cooking. Creole cooking that comes from a blend of Caribbean and European cooking. Then there are little pockets of other cuisines found throughout the city, namely; the muffuletta.

It’s a Louisiana-version of a gigantic Italian sandwich. It’s got the Italian meats (salami, mortadella, ham) sandwiched in between pillows of olive salad, cheese, and thick round bread. It’s one of my favorite meals to eat in the city, and if you’re ever in town you’ve got to get one from Napoleon House. That’s the best muffuletta in the city, in my opinion. Don’t forget to wash it down with a cold Pimm’s cup…

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