Blue Cheese Soufflé

The New Vintage Kitchen

On a recent trip to the farmers market, I came upon the most lovely wheel of blue cheese. It was so pretty I got distracted photographing it and missed my chance at a basket of chanterelle mushrooms!

When you combine cheese, eggs, and a lot of air, the result is far greater than the sum of its luscious parts.

Our family loves a light and flavorful cheese soufflé. Our standard is always studded with a robust Vermont Cheddar, roughly following the soufflé au fromage in Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child. It’s a basic soufflé: make a thick roux, add hot milk to make a white sauce, beat it up, add the seasonings, stir in egg yolks, beat the whites, fold them in, and fold in the cheese. Bake, and don’t peek. It’s a perfectly delicious recipe.

Just a few changes

However, I never leave anything alone…

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