Pork & Beans Chili


I have always seen those ‘Chili making’ contests in movies or people saying ‘Have you tried my famous chili?” and always wondered what it tasted like, a meal on it’s own in a bowl which everyone went crazy about! Texas is pretty famous for their Chili, but did you know that the authentic Texas chili has no beans? Yeah, I came to know about this recently when I had a traditional Beef Chili in a local place in Austin, Texas. As tasty as it was, I kinda missed the beans in it. After that, I decided to make a chili on my own or at least my version of it with flavors I felt would go well with each other. I used pinto beans and ground pork in my recipe as I felt the ground pork fats would add more flavor to the dish and the pinto beans because, well…

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