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Polenta is made from corn meal that is an ancient peasant food—in Northern Italy it is made with a harder consistency, cut and grilled and topped with a sauce, while in the center and South, it is served creamy, almost like American grits.

I made this recipe as a warm comforting dish with a slow-cooked pork ragú as a hearty sauce to pour over the slightly spicy polenta. I love the contrasts in textures and the delicious flavors that the pork and corn polenta create together. It is a rustic, earthy dish that can be made for an army of people, since both components can be made in large quantities.

Serve it at your next dinner party when it is cold outside, and you want some comforting food. Or make it vegetarian, with a mushroom ragú, that lightens up the dish but remains super flavorful.

Polenta with Pork Ragu


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