Vanilla Banana Nut Protein Granola

Nourishing Amy

This may just be the best granola recipe I’ve made to date: chewy, crunchy and crumbly granola packed with vanilla flavour, crunchy protein crispies and naturally sweetened with banana. This vegan and gluten-free granola is a banana-nut sensation loaded with flavour and texture.

One lazy Sunday afternoon, I wanted to do some baking but didn’t quite have the energy for anything too involved. Another reason I turned to granola is to keep up with my family’s insatiable need for granola. Since mum has discovered smoothie bowls recently this year, she is developing quite a taste for different brands, ingredients, textures and flavours and so I finally came through and decided to bake her a brand-new bespoke recipe. This Vanilla Banana Nut Protein Granola is the result – it’s crunchy, full of clusters and packed with nuts and seeds – just how she likes it.

Vanilla Banana Nut Protein Granola
Vanilla Banana Nut Protein Granola


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