Berry Ginger Buckwheat Smoothie

Nourishing Amy

Who doesn’t love a healthy, delicious and creamy breakfast that comes together in only 5 minutes in the morning but will keep you going until lunchtime? And it tastes like dessert, win win! This Berry Ginger Buckwheat Smoothie is really creamy, thick, berry-licious and gorgeous to make, I hope it will become a new favourite.

If you are new to buckwheat for breakfast, then you are not alone. I am fairly new to the scene, but I am addicted and make some combination of soaked buckwheat for my breakfast or brunch at least once a week.

Berry Ginger Buckwheat Smoothie
Berry Ginger Buckwheat Smoothie

While I still love oats in porridge, overnight oats and even in smoothies, it’s great to change up routine and make breakfast time more exciting. Despite its name, buckwheat is actually wheat-free meaning it is a great gluten-free alterative not only in this Berry Ginger Buckwheat Smoothie but also for

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