Kale and Mushroom Chickpea Omelette

Nourishing Amy

A fluffy, light and filling vegan take on the classic omelette made with chickpea flour. This version is packed with vegetables, cheesy, savoury garlicky flavour and topped with a fresh avocado salsa. It’s a delicious egg-free, gluten-free, high-protein brunch, lunch or dinner option.

Kale and Mushroom Chickpea Omelette
Kale and Mushroom Chickpea Omelette

I can remember the first time I tried a vegan omelette made from chickpea (or gram) flour and I was hooked. I think I ate them every night for a week and it is a meal that I come back to time and time again when I need something quick, nutritious, filling and delicious for dinner after a long day. This Kale and Mushroom Chickpea Omelette ticks all the boxes, so it was a shame, and a surprise to myself, that months had gone by without making this simple dish.

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