Chickpea Chilli with Guacamole

Nourishing Amy

I think I may have just upped my chilli game and it couldn’t have been easier or quicker to make. Chilli (non-carne) is one of my go-to meals to feed friends and family who are perhaps less than persuaded by a vegan lifestyle. Why? Because as I wrote about in my Veganuary hacks, offering a hearty dish, only veganised, is a comfort and feels familiar. In fact, you don’t need to shout out about the fact this chilli is meat-free, dairy-free and gluten-free because it is full of life, colour and flavour.

My trick to a perfect chilli is to add cacao right at the end of the cooking time. To some of you this may seem quite a strange concept, adding chocolate to a savoury dish, but just look at the reverse: how popular is chilli chocolate? The sweetness balanced beautifully with a gentle fiery kick? The same goes…

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