Satay Chicken Curry

That Cooking Thing

There are three types of satay sauce that I have come across over the past few years: pure peanut, hoisin based and coconut based. The recipe in this week’s post, as you will see, is clearly the final one from that list. You get a much milder peanut flavour as the coconut milk tones it down a lot and the final sauce is super creamy and fragrant. A good satay shouldn’t be too rich so tamarind and lime juice are added to help cut through the fat from the nuts and coconut milk. The spices add extra flavour and, as always, homemade means that you can choose your heat level.

A true satay will be made with peanuts which are roasted and ground by hand. Few of us actually have time to do this and so the best replacement is peanut butter. While you can use a low quality peanut…

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