Tahini Dressed Veggies


It’s time for another vegetarian dish! I, usually eat a balanced meal, so even though many of my posts are of meat, chicken or fish, I do eat a lot of raw vegetables with it to balance it out. With this dish, however, it is a medley of vegetables and spices served with the soft Iraqi samoon or flatbread (can use pita bread as well) and some tahini sauce (grounded sesame paste). Tahini usually goes great with meat and chicken and of course, Hummus! I have been eating tahini since I was a kid. When hummus was not an option, I used to mix tahini and mayo and eat it with everything. This was probably one of the few times I paired tahini with only vegetables and I wasn’t disappointed. The flavors were amazing and the combinations really tasty. The almonds give the much needed crunch. Who needs meat, when…

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