Three Sisters Stew

My Slice of Mexico

The Meso and Native American three sisters – squash, beans and corn – are not only one of the best examples of companion planting (see my previous post), but also make an amazing nutritional bundle; carbs, fibre, vitamins and the powerful protein complementation of the grain/legume combo are all amongst the many strengths of these three gifts from Nature.  In Mexico, zucchini are used in many recipes, from ritzy stuffed baby zucchini, to simply stewing them in tomato sauce; the latter is not only a popular way to cook zucchini, but when its sisters are added – in the form of green beans and corn kernels – the dish becomes a complete meal.

Three Sisters Stew (Zucchini with Corn and Green Beans) –
Estofado de las tres hermanas (calabacitas con elote y ejotes)

Printable recipe: Three Sisters Stew


2 tbsp. oil
½ onion; chopped
2-3 hot…

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