The Three Different Methods for Delicious Bombay Duck Fries

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Fresh Bombay duck fish is a meaty, mild-flavour and odorless fish, Bombay duck fish is available in Mumbai almost the entire year and is economical as compared to other fishes.

Fresh Bombay duck is a fantastic fish fry to consume as it effortlessly melds with the flavour of the marinade, this fish is coated with flour before frying – the marinade and the coat of flour makes the fish taste fantastic, the texture of the cooked meat is exceptionally soft; and it also contributes to several health benefits.

Bombay duck is a scaleless fish which makes this fish extremely easy to clean; after cleaning the fish, squeeze the fish hard to remove the excess water from it; this fish is extremely velvety in texture, cutting them into smaller piece makes it easier to fry.

Bombay Duck Fish Fries: Bombay Duck - A fantastic fish to fry (Seafood Recipe using Aagri Spice Masala in

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