Pork Square Ribs


There’s a new Barbecue place in town, open only on Saturdays, with a 2 hour waiting line, and I have been meaning to go there for the last 3 months but I keep on procrastinating eating over there. Their barbecue, especially the pork ribs are supposedly amazing. Last week during work, I had the craving to eat some so I bought some pork square ribs at the local Aldi’s on the way back from work and pan fried some ribs myself. While it isn’t smoked or barbecued, it certainly doesn’t lack in flavor. The recipe is pretty easy and can be made within the hour. Pair it up with some good sides and you got yourself an exquisite meal. And Yes, I will be going to Hurtado’s barbecue at Arlington real soon!

Pork Square Ribs

Pork Square Ribs- Rack of 7
Minced garlic-1.5tbsps
Onion powder-1tbsp
Dried Thyme-1tbsp

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